Diamond Island Resort AAA Rated 4 and 4.5 star rooms

Call us directly: (03) 6375 0100

69 Tasman Highway Bicheno, Tasmania 7215, Australia

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Diamond Island Resort

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We only have a beautiful location where you can smell the fresh air, walk around without having people crash into you. Walk to the beach (via our private beach access at the bottom of the property) that is clean and inviting.

Upon arriving on the beach you can walk to left either on the sand or walk over the large rocks exploring the rock pools there. Otherwise walk to the right and head to town or across the sand bar which at low tide is exposed. You can then walk around Diamond Island enjoying the peace and tranquillity, relax and forget about the stresses of work and home life.

At night time you can meet with our staff and other guest on our timber viewing platform. Penguins come in just after dark. Penguin viewing is only allowed at this time, penguins are a protected species and no one is allowed on the beach at this time. Guests can bring cameras with them but must ensure the flash is switched off before arriving.

Now we are pleased to announce that 365 days a year, our free penguin experience is available to all of our guests.

Number of penguins vary with seasons and human behaviour.

If you are a guest here please respect the wildlife. Viewing of penguins other than in a guided tour (also within our set times) is not allowed at this property. There are laws about interfering with the penguins and we reserve the right to ask a guest to leave without refund should any of our guests interfere with the penguins.

The penguins are timid by nature and we do not encourage any running/walking chasing of the penguins at all.

Should you think your penguin experience is one of interference then we are not somewhere we recommend for you to stay.

See Penguin viewing guidelines from Department of Primary Industries Tasmania.

See our latest news page for a great little video of the penguins arriving home for the evening.

Penguin Viewing

Diamond Island Resort is located on the beautiful east coast of Tasmania. Not only do we have a beautiful location but there are many things you may miss from your city.

Some of the things that you may miss are :

Smog, crowds, people bumping into to you all the time, racing to trains/buses stresses associated with everyday life.